UPDATE 3/15/2014: I am no longer actively maintaining this website. The source code is available here or at GitHub

Welcome! Please note that output from this script includes Unicode characters. The hungarian O double acute ő and U double acute ű should appear correctly... if not, check to make sure your browser supports Unicode and UTF-8 encoding. This is a work in progress, but if you have corrections, please email them to

Enter the verb in the stem or 3rd Person singular form, not the infinitive!, In all lower case. No capitals! For example, if you want to conjugate the verb "to drink", you would enter "iszik", not "inni". Also, do not enter verbs with attached verb particles, instead, check the circle next to the desired particle listed below. For example, instead of entering "bemegy", simply enter "megy" and check the circle next to "be-" in the list. To enter special characters, use the identifying mark (/ : or //) after the letter. Thus, you would enter:
acute se/ta/l = sétál "walk"
diaeresis u:l = ül "sit"
double accute fo//z = főz "cook"

How it all works: HVC works by loosely analyzing words based on Hungarian phonetics, and generating a set of regular verb forms. Then, any specific irregularities are written over the regularly-generated forms to produce the correct output. HVC is not a dictionary, and cannot tell you whether a word is a verb or even Hungarian. It will merely accept any word and generate forms as if it were Hungarian.
Verb Particle:
be- bele- le- ki- fel- föl- el- vissza- át-
végig- ide- oda- rá- haza- össze- szét- meg-

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