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47,000 (1976 Stephens). Faroe Islands. Indo-European, Germanic, North, West Scandinavian. Not inherently intelligible with Icelandic. Not endangered. The Faroe Islands are self-governing in most matters.

Citation forms & Grammar info
n. noun.NOMsg (GENsg, NOMpl)
v. verb.INF (1sg.PRES, (3sg.PRES), 1sg.PAST, 1pl.PAST, PP)

Pronunciation Guide:
a, æ = [E], [æ], sometimes [a]; á = [O]; e = [e], [e:] or [@]; i, y = [i:] or [I]; í, ý = [Ui]; j = [j]; o = [Q]; ó = [o], [2:]/_lk, [E]/_gv; u = [U]; ú = [u:]; ø = [2:]; ei = [aI]; ey = [eI]; oy = [oI]; ð: V_u = [v], V_V = [j], else silent; g = [dZ]/_e,i,y; ggj = [dZ]; hv = [kv]; k = [tS]/_e,i,y; kj = [tS]; ll = [dl]; ng = [Ng]; rn = often [dn]; rs = [rS]; rt = [rSt]
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